May 16, 2024

Nathan Wild


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We are participating in the Love Castlegar contest campaign.

Contest ends June 7, 2024.



For every purchase made through our online farm store regardless of amount, you will get an entry into the contest. Simply leave a note in the “Add delivery instructions” section during checkout or send us an email after you’ve placed your order and include:

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Eat Local prizes: 

1st prize - $1,500.00 

2nd prize – 2 will be awarded of - $500.00/each

3rd prize - 2 will be awarded of - $250.00/each

All prizes are paid out in winners choice of gift certificates from participating local retail businesses in Castlegar and RDCK Areas - paid through the shop local grant.


Veggie Tsunami! 😆

The seasons first major harvest has finally arrived! We now have an abundance of Asian greens and salad greens. 

We also finished the majority of our plantings this week. Crops like our peppers, cucumbers, summer squash and tomatoes are now safely in the ground!



Meet Your Baker: Justine from La Ruelle Bakery 

We feel it's important to get to know the hard working people in our community who are making good food. That's why we wanted to share a little bit about baker Justine, owner of La Ruelle Bakery in Nelson.

Be sure to check out their newly renovated bakery at 281 Heritage Lane (formerly Au Soleil Levant)


 1. Who are you and where are you from originally? 

My name is Justine Gareau Loyer and I am originally from a small town in Québec called Sainte-Marcelline-de-Kildare. 


 2. How did you end up in the Kootenays? 

I came to BC in 2001 for tree planting and I fell in love with a man from Nelson (I know, the classic ... ).


 3. What inspired you to become a baker?

I first started to work at Au Soleil Levant as a salesperson and very fast, I became really curious about bread making, especially sourdough bread. I got trained by Raymond Gariépy, the previous owner of Au Soleil Levant and instantly fell in love (again) with the art of artisanal bread.


 4. What's your favorite part about being a baker?

I love the quiet mornings where I get to make and create breads that I know are made with the best ingredients possible and that will make customers feel good. Every single bread is crafted by hand and made with ancestral technique. I am proud of the product we are offering. 


 5. What are your future dreams for your bakery?

To keep offering high quality and healthy food to our community and of course, to preserve the art of artisanal sourdough bread.



Asian Greens 

One of the big advantages of being a small-scale farm is that we're able to grow unique ingredients that you won't be able to find at a supermarket. This year we decided to experiment with a whole bunch of new and exciting varieties of Asian Greens. They include Purple Pac Choi, Komatsuna, Choi Sum, Tokyo Bekana and more! 



Amish Butter Popcorn 

Description: When our friend and fellow farmer Jordan Marr from Unearthed Organics Farm in Vernon told us he grew popcorn we were blown away! We both love popcorn but we never thought of it as a locally-grown food for some reason.

He grew an heirloom variety called "Amish Butter". This corn dates back to the 1800s and has been grown by the Pennsylvania Dutch for generations. The kernels are an almost ivory white colour. When popped it makes a beautiful bright white popcorn. Just drizzle on some warm melted butter and a dash of salt and you'll be ready to enjoy this local treat!

Details: sold in 1/2 lb and 1 lb portions.



Farmer's Choice Salad Mix

Description: Emily learned how to grow salad greens from one of her farm mentors. His name is Jordan and he runs Unearthed Organics in Kelowna.

Salad greens were his specialty and he sold them to the top winery restaurants in Kelowna. They were by far the best greens we had ever had. He used a mix of different flavours, colours and textures which gave his greens a beauty and depth that we'd never seen before.

Emily took what she learned from him and create her own signature blend. Ours has Toyko Bekana, green and purple mustard, three types of baby kale, mizuna, salanova lettuce and it can have a variety of edible flowers ranging from pansies, violas, sunflowers and whatever else looks interesting!

Details: Sold in 7 oz.



Baby Kale Mix

Description: A mix of three different varieties, these young and tender baby kale will help you make a phenomenal kale salad.

Details: Sold on 7 oz. bag.




Description: Crisp and peppery radishes make the perfect finger food and will add a tasty crunch to salads!

Details: Sold per bunch.




Asian Greens Beef Bowl

To us this a quintessential spring dish. Most Asian greens can only be grown during the cool spring weather. And one of the best ways to enjoy them is to lightly saute them and then add them to your Asian inspired bowls.

Any type of Asian Green can be used for this recipe so feel free to experiment with all of the new varieties!




The Most Expensive Food You Can Buy

A new study by the Union of Concerned Scientists found that Tyson Foods, who is the second largest meat producer in America, has dumped 371 million pounds of toxic waste into American waterways, lakes and rivers over the past 5 years. The dumping was done by 41 plants over 17 states.

Tyson is apparently exempt from many water pollution regulations and the EPA is so understaffed that there aren't enough agents to properly monitor the amount of waste being dumped.

Here's the dilemma we're all in. In America and in Canada a handful of meat companies control the means of production for most of the meat that we eat. They're in full control of our food system which means there isn't a lot we can do to fight back when we catch them polluting our shared resources and degrading public health.

We have to wake up to the fact that cheap food from the supermarket isn't really cheap. They push the true cost onto all of us by dumping their waste into our water (for free) instead of properly disposing of it which would cost more for them and drive up their prices. Mass-produced food is actually the most expensive food we can buy because we don't pay for it with money. We pay for it with our future health and the health of our families.

There is one solution though. One way we can all push back. Start buying less of your food from the supermarket. Start buying more of your food directly from local ecologically-responsible farms in your community.


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