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How Does It Works?

Join our Frequent Foodie Loyalty Membership and receive a 5% discount on all of your orders for 12 months. This Membership cannot be combined with a Farm Membership. 


Why Should I Join?

With your Frequent Foodie Loyalty Membership the more you spend the more you save! This membership is designed to reward community members who want to eat more Kootenay-grown foods but don't want to commit to a full Farm Membership.


How Do I Join?

1. Purchase your $10 annual Frequent Foodie Loyalty Membership.

2. We will then email you your Frequent Foodie Membership number. This may take a couple of hours to be sent out.

3. Once you’ve built your order, simply enter your membership number during checkout in the “Farm Member Number” section and click the green "apply" button to get your 5% discount.

4. Your membership will last 12 months starting on the day of purchase and will renew automatically. 


8 Perks To Joining Our Frequent Foodie Membership 

Save 5% on all orders for 12 months.

Get access to locally-grown food year-round.

Easily place orders online from the comfort of your home.

Save time and money with free home delivery on all orders.

Get access to the best tasting, freshest and most nutritious locally-grown ingredients.

Choose from our full-diet selection of locally-grown veggies, fruit, meat, grains, legumes, baked goods and seasonal flower bouquets.

Stimulate our local economy. We primarily work with Kootenay-based farmers which means the money you spend with us will circulate within our community.

Improve our local food security. By supporting us you're also supporting the network of hard working farmers that we work with.