Sourdough Beeswax-Lined Bread Bags

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Colour: Charcoal

Description: Keep your sourdough fresher for longer, with these Sourdough Beeswax-Lined Bread Bags!

Made with an outer layer of 100% cotton and an inner layer of 100% muslin cotton. The muslin cotton is coated with a mixture of beeswax and jojoba oil. The ingredients are sourced from retailers/farmers right here in British Columbia. This mixture acts as a natural barrier to keep your bread fresher for longer, place your bread into the bag, cinch the drawstrings and you are good to go!

To clean your bread bag, simply flip inside out, shake out any crumbs, wipe down with cold soapy water, and hang to dry.

Beeswax products are not suitable for storing raw meat or fish and are not oven or microwave-safe.



Sourdough Size: Width 13" (33cm) Length 13" (33cm) Depth 4 3/4" (12cm)
Available in Red and Charcoal 


Here are 5 things you didn’t know about Okanagan Stitching

Okanagan Stitching is run by mother and daughter team who saw a need for high-quality, stylish, reusable covers and food bags. All of their products are cut and sewn by hand.

1. Who are you and where are you from originally?
I am Manisa! I am originally from Hong Kong and moved to Canada in the 90s. I lived in Ontario for almost 30 years before moving to West Kelowna where I am now.

2. How did you end up in Kelowna?
Our family was looking to downsize and fell in love with the nature and climate of the Okanagan.

3. What inspired you to create Okanagan Stitching?
I was inspired to create The Okanagan Stitching Co. with the support of my friends and family! My daughter moved home from university at the start of the pandemic. She joined the sourdough-making fad and quickly found a need for me to use my sewing ability to make items for her bread. She asked me to make her a bento bag, jar and bowl covers and eventually a Japanese apron.

We shared photos of both her and my creations with our friends and family. Soon they were asking for my sewn goods. From here we decided to start Okanagan Stitching to bring and share my sustainable sewn goods with our community. My daughter helps me with all the website, shipping and social media side of things and I take care of the sewing and pattern creating. We have become a pretty good team!

4. What's your favourite part about your business?
Working together with my daughter and sharing my love and passion for sustainable sewn goods with my community!

5. What are your future dreams?
I hope to be able to follow my passion for sewing. By choosing to create sustainable, long-lasting goods from Canadian fabrics suppliers, I hope to continue to encourage an environmentally conscious lifestyle. While doing so I want to connect with my community and support my fellow local makers, bakers and farmers.