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Description: You want a healthy snack option for you and your family. Something that is low in sugar, wholesome, and quick and easy to make. Why not try our Country Blonde Loaf?

Cut yourself a nice thick slice, pop it in the toaster and wait for the incredible aroma of toasted bread to fill the room. Once it pops, spread some soft golden butter along with your favorite fruit jam and take a bite. The bread is tender and soft with a nice toasted crunch. The flavour is slightly sweet with a wonderful nutty whole wheat flavour. It feels satisfying to eat and nourishing in your belly.

This loaf is made with an ancient and unique grain called Khorasan. This grain has been revived in recent years by dedicated grain farmers. It is an unusually large grain. When milled it has a unique yellow color and a sweet, nutty and buttery flavour.  


Each loaf weighs 800 grams.

To keep your bread fresh make sure to put it in a bread bag or plastic bag.

Ingredients: Freshly milled organic Khorasan flour (grown by Fieldstone Organics, Armstrong, milled by Confluence Farms), organic stoneground whole wheat flour (Anita's Organic Mill, Chilliwack) olive oil, brown sugar, pink Himalayan salt, yeast.