Locally Roasted Whole Bean Coffee


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The best tasting cups of coffee are brewed with beans that have been ethically source and freshly roasted by a passionate master coffee roaster. That's why we've partnered with Denis LeBlanc, founder of Number 6 Coffee, located in Nelson, to give you the best local coffee we could find.


5 Things You Didn't Know About Your Local Coffee Roaster.

1. Who are you and where are you from? 

My name is Denis Leblanc, I'm a manic entrepreneur that's only recently self regulated, sans-meds. Moved here from Northern Ontario in 1998.

2. How did you end up in the Kootenays?

In a two-door hatchback automobile, with drum kit, dog and sac of weed. I'd read and heard about nipple deep powder and BC Bud my whole childhood so I took the first opportunity and moved to Rossland for a season.

3. What inspired you to become a coffee roaster?
Curiosity at first but I quickly realized it was a great opportunity to connect and build community. I'd been a carpenter in my early days, and then a graphic designer so, always stuck on a job site or in an office. Now I get to hang out and get to know all kinds of people from the community or abroad.


4. What's your favourite part about being a coffee roaster?

Honestly, everything! The most selfish reason though is making people's day, just knowing that every morning hundreds of people are holding up a delicious cup of coffee and being instantly inspired to charge at life.

5. What are your future dreams?

They aren't very big. I want my daughters to grow up as free thinking individuals, equipped with the right tools to ethically guide them through life.

Bonus Question: Any words of encouragement?

Yes!! Increase your failure rate, and make mistakes. There's more value in 'doing' than there is in 10 years of education and a miserable career. Live life, be open and don't be afraid of change.



Coffee Type: The Portal

A light roast coffee with notes of sweet dried fruit, hazelnut and chocolate.