100% Grass-Fed Ground Beef


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Description: This 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef is the highest quality and most nutritious beef you can find. 

Grass-fed cows can either be grass-finished or grain-finished. When the cows are grass-finished it means they're fed to maturity solely on grass. When they're grain-finished they're fed grain during the last part of their lifecycle in order to speed up their growth. 

100% grass-fed beef can contain more nutrients, including 3x the amount of omega 3 fatty acids, compared to grain-fed beef. But since grass-finished cows take longer to reach their ideal weight the ranchers need to charge more for it.


About Koootenay Natural Meats

Kootenay Natural Meats strives to raise happy and healthy animals from start to finish on their own naturally managed and grown pastures. They take particular care in breeding their animals on farm and raising them on the most nutritious foods possible throughout their life span. 

Details: Sold in 1.25 lb and 1.5 lb packs.

Produced by Kooteny Natural Meats, Creston.