Red Shiso


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Veggie Fun Fact: Shiso is traditionally used to separate the items in a tray or platter, to keep the flavors of different items from blending together. Shiso leaves are also credited with antibacterial properties, ascribed to compounds called phytoncides, which are believed to help prevent the spoilage of food that is wrapped in the leaves. Indeed, for centuries the Japanese have used shiso leaves to help slow the spoilage of raw fish and seafood.


Description: Shiso leaves are an aromatic herb from the same botanical family as mint that traditionally accompanies sushi and sashimi. Our Red Shiso has a mild coriander flavour and can we eaten fresh, cooked or used as a garnish


Uses: Shiso leaves are often included as an ingredient in sushi. The herb pairs well with fatty fish like salmon, yellowtail, and tuna, and can be enjoyed by wrapping a whole leaf around a piece of sashimi and dipping it in soy sauce. Shiso also complements vegetables and fruits. Julienned shiso leaves are often mixed with salads.

Red shiso leaves are also the main ingredient in making a refreshing beverage called shiso juice. Shiso juice is prepared by simmering red shiso leaves, then straining and reducing the liquid along with sugar and vinegar to form a syrup. This syrup is then combined with sparkling water and served over ice. The resulting drink has a vivid red color similar to that of cranberry juice.