We need your help to make eating local easier!

This is our recipe submission form. If you have an amazing recipe that uses mostly locally-grown and seasonal ingredients, we would love for you to share it.

Our goal is to build an extensive resource of locally inspired recipes that we can all share and use. Finding recipes that use locally-grown ingredients that are specific to our region can be difficult. But if we can work together and share our favorite recipes, we can make eating local easier for everyone.



1. Your recipe should use mostly locally-grown ingredients. This could include recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, pickled veggies, ferments, sauces, pantry items and bakes goods. Bonus points if you can use all locally-grown ingredients!

2. Your recipe should use seasonal ingredients. This simply means using ingredients that are in season at the same time. Avoid submitting recipes that pair non-seasonal ingredients together such as fresh tomatoes (summer) and winter squash (winter) for example.

3. Include a nice photo.

With your permission, would we also love to share your recipe in our weekly newsletter and on our social media and to give you full credit.