Garlic Scape Pesto


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This product is NOT CANNED. Keep in the fridge or freeze for long-term storage.

Description: For this pesto we used freshly pulled garlic scapes from Against The Wind Farm in Winlaw. We then blended it up organic, grass-fed aged Asiago cheese from Jerseyland Organics Farm in Grand Forks, walnuts and extra virgin olive oil. The garlic scapes create a beautiful creamy garlic flavour with a mild peppery spice. This is one of our favorite type of pesto. We put it on EVERYTHING.

Ingredients: Garlic scapes (from Against The Wind Farm, Winlaw), grass-fed aged Asiago cheese (from Jerseyland Organics Farm, Grand Forks), walnuts, extra virgin olive oil, pink salt. 

Details: Sold in a 250 ml and 500 ml jars.