Little Piece of Paradise Farms Herbal Tea


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What's the secret that makes this the best herbal tea we've ever had? It's made with fresh, locally grown ingredients.

Little Piece of Paradise Farms is a small batch culinary and medicinal herb farm located in Passmore, just down the road from us! They specialize in herbal tea blends which are all grown on their farm, hand harvested, and dried by them.

Their tea blends are soothing and the flavours are divine. If you're a tea lover this will become your new favourite warm drink.



Loose leaf tea available in 8 gram bags.

Sleepy Dragon ingredients: Chamomile, sage, yarrow, lavender.

Paradise Mint ingredients: Menthol mint, peppermint, Korean mint.

Happy Life ingredients: Lemon balm, anise hyssop, violet, peppermint, calendula.