Pineapple Ground Cherries


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We are so excited to be able to bring our community this rare and unique fruit! With a sweet and tropical flavour, our Pineapple Ground Cherries are sure to wow your family and friends. 
 Pineapple Ground Cherries (physalis pubescens) has been a beloved crop for Emily since the very beginning of her journey into farming. Emily first grew the golden berries in her father's garden back in her home town of Viroqua, Wisconsin.
She thought they were so delicious and unique that perhaps some local restaurants would be interested in buying them. She reaches out to one of the town's high-end restaurants called The Driftless and they were so thrilled by Emily's Pineapple Ground Cherries that they decided to buy them and use them in their trout dish.
Available in $5 pints (1/2 lb) or $10/lb for jam making.