White Sourdough Starter


Only 72 left!

Bake fresh homemade sourdough bread that would make your mom and grandma proud with our white sourdough starter. 

This starter is made with all-purpose flour and has a mild flavour that makes wonderful baked goods like cinnamon rolls. You can also use this starter with any of our bread flours.

Our sourdough starter is a living being teaming with microorganisms that will work diligently to break down gluten and help to release vital nutrients from the wheat. This means that every loaf of bread you make with our sourdough starter will be gut-friendly and nutritious, unlike the commercially-made bread available at the grocery store. 

When made properly, your sourdough bread will have a crunchy crust, light and pillow center and a wonderfully complex and delicious sour flavour. You'll know you've made it right when your loaf is ravaged as soon as you take it out of the oven. This bread is highly satisfying.
Your White Starter should be fed white flour. If you do not have white flour to feed your starter we recommend getting some.

How to Use
Read our blog post "How To Care For Your White Sourdough Starter" to learn more.