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Description: French Green Lentils are unique compared to the standard green, brown or red variety you’ll find in the store. They're much smaller than other lentils. French lentils also hold their shape better than all other lentils. This makes them ideal in salads, side dishes, and soups where you want them to hold together. Other lentil types, especially red lentils, can turn into a mush when cooked. The flavour is more intense with notes ranging from nutty to peppery and earthy.

We sourced these from Fieldstone Organics, an organic grain farm and aggregator in Armstrong. We were told that these were their most popular lentils, so we knew we had to try them!

RecipeBasic French Lentils

Details: Sold per pound.

Grown in BC. Sourced from Fieldstone Organics, Armstrong.