Locally Made Pork Sausages


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Flavour: Maple Apple (4 pack)
Maple Apple (4 pack)
Mushroom Garlic (4 pack)
Honey Garlic (4 pack)
Classic Italian (4 pack)
Maple Apple Breakfast (8 pack)

Description: During the busy farm season we eat a lot of sausages. They're quick and easy to make and are always delicious. Because we eat so many sausages I would consider ourselves sausage connoisseurs, which is fancy talk for sausage experts.

We've tried sausages from the different sausage makers in the Kootenays and we finally found our favorite ones. They are made in Castlegar by a very talented couple who go by the name You Silly Sausage.

You Silly Sausage specializes in small-batch sausages made with BC pork. Their sausages are always plump and  juicy with balanced flavours that cook up just right. They're also gluten, filler and nitrate free. Nothing but pure sausage goodness in these wienies!


Details: Sausages come frozen and are all gluten, filler and nitrate free.

Apple Maple ingredients: Pork, bone broth, apples, maple syrup, unsweetened applesauce, maple extract, brown sugar, herbs and spices.

Mushroom Garlic ingredients: Pork, mushrooms, garlic, spices, salt.

Breakfast Chili & Sage ingredients: Pork, unsweetened applesauce, salt, herbs and spices

Honey Garlic ingredients: Pork, honey, garlic, salt, spices.

Classic Italian ingredients: Pork, balsamic vinegar, bone broth, chili, herbs, spices.


5 Things you didn't know about your local sausage maker.

1. Who are you and where are you from originally?

My name is a Michael Thiessen and I own You Silly Sausage. I grew up on a farm in northern Alberta where we made our own sausages for my eight siblings and I.

2 How did you end up in the Kootenays?

When I moved to the island I met my wife, Jenna. She’s from Nelson so when we got married and had a baby, we decided to move to the Kootenays to be close to family.

3. What inspired you to become a sausage maker?

My favourite food has always been sausages, but I struggled to find ones that tasted like the flavours they were advertising. I started making silly sausages when my son was 2 weeks old for my birthday party. I loved the flavours I created so much I knew I had to make more. It started by making them for friends and family and that quickly turned into a full time job.

4. What's your favourite part about being a sausage maker?

My favourite part of being a sausage maker is creating new flavours!

5. What are your future dreams?

We can’t wait until the day that everyone in the Kootenays has tried You Silly Sausage.