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Description: the term "superfood" gets overused and abused these days, but without a doubt grass-fed beef liver is fit for that title.

It's in fact one of the most nutrient dense foods that exists. It's vitamins and minerals are in their most bioavailable form for humans, making them easy to digest and absorb. And it contains difficult to find nutrients like iron, vitamin A, B12 and omega 3 fatty acids. 

If you're someone who is serious about improving your health, a dose of grass-fed beef liver should be a regular part of your wellness routine.


About Granby Meat Company

Granby Meat Company is a new butcher shop out of Grand Forks. The owners of Granby also own PV Beef Ranch which has been in their family since 1972. Devin and Brittani are now third generation ranchers and have been running the ranch for the past 5 years.

All of their cows are pasture-raised meaning that these animals spent the majority of their lives outside on a grassy field with the sunlight on their skin, fresh Kooteny air in their lungs, clean water to drink and plenty of nutritious grass to eat. 

Their cows diet consists mostly of fresh grass from the mountain range in the summer months. In the winter they're fed a mix of alfalfa, straw, corn silage and rolled barley which is all grown on-farm.

Details: Sold in approx 320g package.

Produced by Granby Meat Company, Grand Forks