Pork Back Ribs


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Description: When cooked just right these tender, mouth-watering pork ribs will fall of the bone. Simple slather on your favorite BBQ sauce or dry rub and you're guaranteed to impress everyone at dinner.

Also know as "baby back ribs" these ribs are cut from the upper rib section next to the spine. Compared to spare ribs which are cut closer to the stomach, back ribs more tender and leaner. This pork was sourced from BC raised pigs and processed by Granby Meat Company.


About Granby Meat Company

Granby Meat Company is a new butcher shop out of Grand Forks. The owners of Granby also own PV Beef Ranch which has been in their family since 1972. Devin and Brittani are now third generation ranchers and have been running the ranch for the past 5 years.


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Produced by Granby Meat Company, Grand Forks.