Spicer Farm Carrots (Freshly Dug)

Spicer Farm


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Description: If you've ever heard of Spicer Farm in Nakusp, you've probably heard about their legendary sweet winter carrots. What makes them so good?

Because Spicer carrots are still in the ground they require extra labour to harvest and clean them each week which adds to the cost. The benefit though is that they are freshest and most nutritious carrots you can buy right now. Also, the cold weather concentrates the sugars in the carrots making them significantly sweeter tasting.

They're more expensive because they are harvested to order, where as other winter carrots are harvested all at once in the fall. When carrots are harvested all at once and stored in a fridge they slowly lose nutrients and flavor throughout the winter.

Although they are more expensive you are undoubtably getting more for your dollar compared to other carrots.

Details: Sold per pound.

Grown by Spicer Farm, Nakusp.