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Description: It's the weekend, you finally got to sleep in and life feels glorious. You want to have a relaxing breakfast with your family but you don't want the hassle of having to cook and clean up and going to a restaurant would be too expensive. 

Why not try popping our sourdough waffles in the oven? In just 12 minutes you'll have a towering stack of beautiful golden waffles for the whole fam. Grab some maple syrup, pour it on top and watch it slowly drip over the edges. Throw a handful of fresh blueberries on top and you've got yourself restaurant-quality breakfast from the comfort of your home. No mess or clean up necessary!

About Our Frozen Sourdough Waffles

Our frozen sourdough waffles are made with our freshly milled, organic flour that we source from a farm in Armstrong.

These are 100% whole wheat waffles which means they contain all of the nutrient rich and flavorful bran and germ. They are fermented for up to 5 hours which helps break down the wheat, releasing its vitamins and minerals and making it easier to digest. These waffles are nutritious, gut-friendly and won't leave you feeling bloated or tired after.

To top it all off we added cinnamon and brown sugar. We lightly mix it into the batter to create magnificent swirls. Some bites will sweet and some will be sour which create a wonderful balance of flavours.


Includes 6 frozen Sourdough Waffles.
Cinnamon Brown Sugar Swirl Sourdough Waffles Ingredients: Freshly milled organic Red Fife flour (grown by Fieldstone Organics, Armstrong, milled by Confluence Farms), whole wheat sourdough culture (from Confluence Farms), organic cream, egg (from Confluence Farms), organic coconut oil, sugar, brown sugar, organic cinnamon, pink Himalayan salt, baking powder. (May contain carrageenan if organic cream isn't available).

Manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts, walnuts, wheat, and dairy. 

Baking Instructions: 

Heat oven to 350.

Place frozen waffles on a baking sheet.

Bake for 7 minutes, flip waffles and bake for an additional 7 minutes.