Frozen Sourdough Waffles


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It's the weekend, you finally got to sleep in and life feels glorious. You want to have a relaxing breakfast with your family but you don't want the hassle of cleaning up afterwards. What are you to do?

Try popping our sourdough waffles in the oven! In just 12 minutes you'll have golden crispy waffles for the whole fam, no mess and no clean up required!

Includes 6 frozen Sourdough Waffles

About our Frozen Sourdough Waffles
Our frozen sourdough waffles are made from our stone ground organic whole wheat flour, milled fresh by us using wheat berries grown only an hour away in Armstrong by Fieldstone Organics Farm.

These are 100% whole wheat waffles which means they contain all of the nutrient rich and flavourful bran and germ. They are then fermented for 5 hours which helps break down the wheat, releasing its vitamins and minerals and making it easier to digest.

These waffles are nutritious, gut-friendly, local and won't leave you feeling bloated and tired after. 

Ingredients: Organic Red Fife Flour (from Fieldstone Organics, Armstrong), whole wheat sourdough starter (from Confluence Farms), cream (from D'Dutchman Dairy, Sicamous), duck egg (from House on the Hill Farms, Kelowna), organic virgin coconut oil, organic coconut sugar, pink Himalayan salt, baking soda.