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Description: Imagine sticking your fork into a bowl of rich and creamy Mac & Cheese. As you pull it out strings of gooey cheese drape over the edges. Or how about cutting open a perfectly browned grilled cheese sandwich and watching the cheese slowly stretch a part as you pick it up to take a bite. With our Grass-Fed Gouda you can experience it all!

Gouda is a great melting cheese, ideal for dishes where you want a creamy gooey cheese texture.

This Grass-Fed Gouda was made with fresh raw milk from Koootenay-raised, grass-fed Jersey cows raised by Jerseyland Organics Farm in Grand Forks. It was then naturally aged to perfection, giving it a great mild flavour with no preservatives or colouring added.


Details: sold in approx 275 gram packages

Produced by Jerseyland Organics, Grand Forks