Grass-Fed Yogurt


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Choose your size and flavour: Plain 1.75 kg
Plain 750 ml
Plain 1.75 kg
French Vanilla 750 ml
Strawberry 750 ml

Description: Indulge in creamy perfection with our Grass-Fed Plain Yogurt. This yogurt is made with fresh whole milk from Koootenay-raised, grass-fed Jersey cows raised by Jerseyland Organics Farm in Grand Forks. Jersey cows have a much richer milk compared to the standard black and white Holstein cows. This eliminates the need for thickening agents or emulsifiers.

This yogurt is non-homogenized so there is a thick and luxurious layer of cream on top that can be stirred in for a rich creamy texture. Moo-ve over other yogurts, this ones the real deal!


Details: sold per 750 ml container and 1.75 kg.

Plain ingredients: Organic whole jersey milk, active bacteria culture. 

Produced by Jerseyland Organics Farm