Locally Roasted Whole Bean Coffee


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A cup of coffee brewed with beans that have been freshly roasted by a passionate master coffee roaster can be a truly magical experience. Sadly, most people have never had coffee like this. 

Store-bought coffee is old, stale and lacks the true flavour of the bean. Since most coffee is roasted, transported and then sits in a warehouse for so long, by the time you grab that of bag off the shelf all of the qualities that make coffee amazing, such as the delicate oils that produce the complex and subtle notes, have leached out of the bean, dried up and degraded.

If you've ever opened a bag of coffee and seen oily beans it means that that coffee is old or over roasted. The coffee bean acts as a protective shell that keeps all the precious oils intact inside the bean. However, once the bean gets over roasted or old, these oils begin to seep out, causing oily beans and bland tasting coffee.

To make an exceptional cup a coffee you need beans that have been freshly and carefully roasted. And the only way to get coffee of this quality is to source it directly from a small batch local coffee roaster. This is why we've teamed up with Dale, owner and master roaster of Pilgrim Coffee out of West Kelowna, to give you the freshest, best tasting coffee in town.

Coffee Type


A light roast coffee with chocolate, tobacco and peanut butter notes. The peanut butter note is so pronounced in this coffee you'll swear there's actual peanut butter in it.