New Potatoes


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Description: New Potatoes are young potatoes that have been freshly dug and have not been cured. To us, these new potatoes feel special. Potatoes are thought of as a winter food but these new potatoes feel more like a summer food.

This variety of potato is known as Warba. They have very thin skins that can be rubbed off with your fingers with beautiful hints of vibrant pink. Their moisture content is much higher than a mature potato which gives them an airier, creamier texture. And the flavour, oh my! Because the sugars haven't converted into starch yet, new potatoes have a much sweeter flavour with notes of butter. These are without a doubt the yummiest potatoes we have ever had! Try them baked, fried or use them in a potato salad. 

Details: Sold per pound. Keep in the refrigerator