Stone Ground, Organic Whole Wheat White Flour (Unsifted Pastry Flour)


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Bake warm, fresh from the oven ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies, just like Mom used to make, with our Stone Ground, Organic Whole Wheat White flour. 

These plump wheat berries are known as Soft White Wheat. They produce incredibly fluffy and sweet white flour, making it an exceptional pastry flour. With all the vitamins and minerals of a traditional whole wheat flour but with a golden white appearance and far less gluten, our Stone Ground, Organic Whole Wheat White flour is ideal for soft cookies, moist cakes and muffins, flaky pie crusts, gravies, sauces, biscuits and pastries. 

Since it has such a delicate gluten structure, this flour is not recommended for bread loaves unless mixed with a higher gluten flour such as the Hard Red Spring Whole Wheat. 

You can feed our White Sourdough Starter our Whole Wheat White flour but it will change the flavour and texture.

A 1 lb bag of flour is enough to make about 1 loaf of bread. 


 Salted Rye & Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies


About Our Freshly Milled Stone Ground Organic Flours

Make bread that would make your mom and grandma proud with our stone ground organic whole wheat flours, milled fresh every week. 

Store-bought flour is essentially dead flour. Since the bran and germ are sifted out to make the flour more shelf-stable and is then destined to sit in a warehouse and on store shelves for so long, all of the things that make bread nutritious and delicious are stripped away. 

Our freshly milled Whole Wheat flours contain the bran and germ. The bran and germ contain beneficial oils which gives bread it's wonderful flavour and aroma, as well as the vitamins and minerals that make bread nutritious. Whole Wheat flour only has a shelf-life of about 3 months before it starts to lose its quality, which is why we mill it fresh every week. 

Our flour is made from organic ancient, heritage and whole wheat grains grown by Fieldstone Organics Farm, located only 1 hour away in Armstrong. We grind the wheat berries fresh every week using our artisan stone miller that was hand-made in Austria

Our stone ground miller uses a slow rotating stone to gently grind the wheat berries into a fine unsifted flour. Stone ground is the preferred flour of artisan bakers because the stone doesn't get hot while grinding. Industrial steel mills on the other hand can get very hot and will cook the flour, stripping away nutrients and altering the flavour. 

Surprise yourself and amaze your friends and family with the highest quality, most delicious and most nutritious baked goods imaginable! 

Happy Baking Chef!