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Description: The best way to start your week is by opening your door in the morning and receiving a bundle of freshly harvested sunflowers from our farm.

Pick them up and place them on your dining room table. Watch as they brighten up the entire room and bring a smile to your face. The magnificent colours. The luscious petals. You deserve more beauty in your life, so treat yourself to a Sunflower bouquet!

Details: Your bouquet will arrive in a bucket with water. Once you receive it transfer it into your own vase or vessel. At your next order leave the bucket outside and we will pick it up.

How To Care For Your Flowers

Once you receive your bouquet, cut about one inch off the stems or as much as you need to fit your vase. This will help them rehydrate faster.

Fill your clean vase with about 6 inches of water and place your flowers inside. The extra water keeps them better hydrated.

Place them in an area away from direct sunlight. The heat from the sun will cause them to wilt faster.

Keep them away from fruit bowls. Fruit emits a gas called ethylene as it ages. This gas can cause your flowers to wilt if they are in close proximity.

To maximize the vase life of the flowers you can change out the water daily.