Farmer's Choice Veggie Box


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How do you become a Rockstar in the kitchen? It starts with getting your hands on the freshest locally-grown ingredients. Our Farmer's Choice Veggie Box makes that part easy! 

How Does it Work?

Imagine getting a hand-curated box of  fresh, locally-grown veggies delivered to your door. You open it up and pull out a big crisp green head of lettuce, plump juicy red tomatoes, a beautiful bunch of sweet orange carrots and a variety of other seasonal vegetables, lovingly grown and harvested by us, Emily and Nathan, your local farmers. 

With our Farmer's Choice Veggie Box you'll spend less time waiting in line at the grocery store and more time gathered around the kitchen table with your family and friends, enjoying each others company and cooking epic meals that everyone will be boasting about.

Available in two sizes:

This week's Standard Farmer's Choice Veggie Box 

Savoy Cabbage




Rossa di Milano Red Onions







(Boxes may vary based on what's available)


This week's Small Farmers Choice Veggie Box includes:

Rossa di Milano Red Onions