80% of us have glyphosate circulating through our bodies right now

Nathan Wiebe
Here is an article by the Guardian that came out recently. Apparently 80% of us have glyphosate circulating through our bodies right now. If you’re not aware of what glyphosate is, it’s currently the worlds most popular weed killer which is manufactured by Monsanto. And if you’re thinking “I only eat organic food, so I won’t have glyphosate in my body”), unfortunately it’s not a simple as what you eat or don’t eat.

Just in the United States alone over 100 billion pounds (yes, billion with a B) are sprayed on fields PER YEAR. I’m not sure what the statistics are for Canada but glyphosate is the number one herbicide here as well. And with that much glyphosate being dowsed all over the country each year, it’s not hard to imagine that it’s made its way into all of our drinking water.

In 2015 the CDC classified glyphosate as a “probable cancer causing carcinogen”. Not only is glyphosate linked to cancer, it also damages soil health, bees and I’m sure hundreds of other things we haven’t discovered yet.

It’s pretty wild to think that we’ve become test subjects in a mass experiment run by these corporations that we didn’t consent to or even realize we’re in. The system has failed us and so we need a new system. We don’t want mass produced food anymore, we want food produced by the masses.