Acting Out

Nathan Wild
Our cat Nomi started acting out this winter. Because she was stuck inside due to the snow she would tromp around the house, bored and constantly meowing for food. When she didn't get her way she would jump up on the table and counters trying to eat anything she could find. She would chew on cords, rip apart the toilet paper in the bathroom and scratch the furniture to get our attention. She was becoming a real troublemaker.

But as soon as spring came and she was able to go outside again she chilled out. She now spends her days hunting, rolling around in the dust, chasing butterflies and sun bathing. She is able to fully express her catness. And because of that she no longer acts out. It made me think maybe that's what's wrong with the world right now.

As humans we evolved to be outside in nature. We lived in small tight-knit tribes. And we spent a good part of the day exploring the world, looking for food and novelty.

Today, everyone spends most of their days indoors. We no longer have strong community bonds. Food is brought to us. We spend the majority of the day working. And most of the novelty we experience comes from a screen.

We no longer live in environments that allow us to express our humanness. And as a result, we're all acting out.