Eating With Your Eyes

Nathan Wild
We dropped off some of our edible flowers this week at the Black Cauldron in Nelson. They specialize in very fancy cocktails and food. They use edible flowers in most of their dishes and cocktails to enhance their presentation. Why do they consider presentation to be so important?

Because if something looks amazing it will actually taste better. The reason is because it raises your expectations and excitement. And when you expect something to taste awesome you create a bias in your mind. That bias tricks you into thinking that what you're about to consume is going to taste better than it actually is.

This has been proven scientifically numerous times. For example, in a blind taste test people were given three wines ranging in price from cheap, mid and expensive. Everyone rated the most expensive wine as the best tasting. All three wines were exactly the same. The only difference was their expectations of the wine.

So, if you really want to impress someone with your cooking be sure to focus on the presentation. Adding edible flowers is an easy way to do that. It'll make a bigger impact than you think 🌼