Free Documentary: The Economics Of Happiness

Nathan Wiebe

This is a powerful documentary we came across called Economics of Happiness. It brilliantly describes why our globalized food system and economies are at the root of so many of the environmental, political and economic challenges we’re face right now.

We can all sense that things are getting worse. And when we look at the convergence of crises that we’re heading towards, we often wonder what can we do to stop it? Our journey into community-based farming has shown us that we can all contribute in a meaningful way by building a localized food system and supporting local business as much as possible.

Covid-19, the war in Ukraine and the devastating flood in Abbotsford last year have taught us that life-altering events can happen in a moment. And without a local food system to turn to in times of emergency, we are all vulnerable.

How can we begin the process of localizing? If you’re reading this newsletter you already have. Buying from local farms and localizing your diet is the easiest way to make a big impact. The less we spend on imported food from California, Mexico and beyond, the faster we can transform our community into a happier, healthier and wealthier place for all of us.