Nathan Wild
Wildfires like these are a reminder of the effects of global warming caused by humans. When the sun is shining and skies are blue its easy to forget that our planet is in a state of crisis.

One of the biggest contributors to this crisis is our industrialized, globalized food system which is reliant on petroleum-based fertilizers, gas-powered machinery and a mass transportation system that spans the globe. This system produces almost all of the food in our grocery stores, restaurants and fast food chains. It's become our default diet.

There is a growing movement to fight against Big Ag and it's negative effects however. It's made up of young, first generation, community-based farmers. They see the writing on the wall and they know it's time to build an alternative food system. One that is local instead of global. Human-powered instead of oil-powered. Regenerative instead of extractive. And natural instead of synthetic.

You may feel helpless in moments like these but there is something we can all do ever single day to fight back against global warming. Eating local. Support community-based farms. Adopt a seasonal diet.

A simple shift in how we shop will have an enormous impact on fast global warming progresses.