October 13, 2022

Emily Woody



We Finally Found A New Van!

Her name is Moby because driving her is like riding a giant whale through the ocean 🌊

We had decided to buy her from a Kamloops dealership sight unseen because this was the only van we could find that met our requirements and we needed a vehicle asap. These vans are extremely difficult to find right now so the chances of us finding one that checked all of the boxes in this short amount of time was nothing short of a miracle.

We were honestly a little shocked when we first saw her in person. It's a lot bigger than we were expecting 😅 The first few drives were intimidating but we're getting the hang of it.

The van is a big step up for our farm and we couldn't have done it without all of the support from this amazing community. We appreciate all of you so much!! We can't wait to expand our business so we can continue sharing our food with you ❤️



Deliveries will be on Sundays only for the winter. Sorry for the confusion! Because we now have the space with our new van we decided we’re going to deliver to both the Nelson and Castlegar areas on Sundays. Here’s what the delivery day will look like:

Castlegar Sunday deliveries will be between 8 am and 11 am.

Nelson Sunday deliveries will be between 11 am and 2 pm.




Description: Beautiful cauliflower grown by our friends and fellow farmers at Wild Valley Farm, Passmore.


Roasted Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce

Description: Our Roasted Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce is made mostly with ingredients grown on our farm this year, harvested at peak ripeness to ensure maximum flavour.

We picked red plump tomatoes from the vine, pulled white and purple onions from the soil, picked hot green and red jalapenos, and grabbed a handful of garlic that was cured this year. We then roasted the tomatoes, hot peppers and onions to add a subtle smoky flavour before adding all of the ingredients into a giant metal pot. The sauce was then cooked down so all of the flavours could meld together, creating a bright and vibrant tomato sauce with a ton of flavour!

This is a canned product.


Sunshine Kabocha

Description: Sunshine Kabocha have smooth, tender flesh that is sweet, bright orange, and excellent for baking and mashing.



Description: Butternut squash have a sweet and nutty flesh. Try them roasted, creamed or puree into a warm soup.

Grown by Linden Lane Farm, Krestova.


Golden Beets

Description: Golden beets have a bright yellow inside and are a bit less sweet than red beets, but also have a more mellow and less earthy flavor.