March 21, 2024

Nathan Wild


Free Delivery Until May 🚐

We would like to apologize for the lack of variety in the online farm store and explain what's been going on. 

We're currently in what is known as the hunger gap. A time of year when the local vegetable supply is at its lowest. This is the most challenging time at the farm because as we run out of veggies, sales begin to dip. When sales dip we don't have enough money to fully stock the online farm store. And when the store isn't fully stocked sales dip again, creating a downward cycle. 

Our goal was to have as many winter veggies available as possible until May. But because we have to plan out how many pounds of winter veggies we're going to buy from other local farms a year in advance it makes estimating the right amount difficult. 

And if there's a serious crop loss, like what we experienced with Salix & Sedge Farm's carrot crop last year (almost 90% pest damage) there aren't many backup farms to lean on. The truth is there just isn't enough food being grown locally here in the West Kootenays. Our mission is to fix this problem but it will take a few more seasons to get all of the pieces in place.

Since there's not a ton of variety in the online farm store we wanted to offer free delivery until May. We also want to make sure all of the veggies that we do have get eaten before May so feel free to place smaller orders if you like!

Thank you all for helping us to make our dream of creating a thriving local food system possible 🙏



1.75 kg Grass-Fed Plain Yogurt 

Our rich and creamy grass-fed plain yogurt from Jerseyland Organics in Grand Forks is now available in a large 1.75 kg container 🐮




These tasty meatball are a mix of beef and pork for a more balanced meaty flavour. We then added an unami bomb with a mixture of worcestershire, miso paste and coconut aminos to take the flavour to the next level!



 Food For Thought 🍎

Why soil is one of the most amazing things on Earth 🌎

This is a great four minute video about soil and how important it is to our survival as humans. Like water and air, soil is a shared human resource.

Without fertile soil would we not be able to grow food. And yet, how much do we think about this vital resource? It turns out, not a lot. Soil is poorly protected and regulated. And because of this, our industrialized food system is depleting our soil 50 to 100 times faster than it can be rebuilt.

What can we do to slow this down? One easy solution is to support farms that practice Regenerative farming as much as you can. Regenerative farming can be done with vegetables, fruit, meat and flowers. It’s a way of farming that emphasizes soil health with the goal of building fertile top soil. Regenerative farming is what we and a many other small local producers practice here in the Kootenays.

Let’s do our best to support the hard working people who are doing their best to steward the land for future generations!