September 21, 2022

Emily Woody


We’ve Partnered With a Local Egg Producer! 🐤

We’ve collaborated with Kootenay Natural Meats out of Creston and we’ll now have an abundance of beautiful locally-produced eggs going forward.

Kootenay Natural Meats is run by Wendy and Dale McNamar. They’re hard working farmers who use holistic and regenerative farming practices. They hatch their own laying hens and allow them to live and roam on pasture. Their feed grain is grown on-farm to ensure no GMO’s and no sprays are used. They also add a specialty sourced blend of non-GMO protein supplement with vitamins and minerals. No corn or soy is used at all. To us this is the ideal style of agriculture. Almost everything is being produced on-farm to ensure quality and self-sufficiency.

We bought half a pig from them earlier this year and it was phenomenal. If you’re interested in large quantities of meat for your freezer we couldn’t recommend them enough!


We Have a Bear Problem 🐻

Two nights ago a bear got into one of our outdoor freezers. In the morning we found torn up plastic bags all over the lawn. It ate a few packs of sausages, rosemary focaccia, shortbread cookie pie shells and boxes of cookies. We knew the bear would return so we attempted to fortify the garage that our outdoor freezers are in. At around 10:30 pm last night the bear returned and we had to get out of bed to try and scare it away several times during the night. Needless to say we didn’t sleep too well. It failed to get back into our freezers but it decided to take a few nibbles out of some of our crook neck squash.

We’ve also have a flock of turkeys who’ve been invading our garden and eating our lettuce heads. It’s just been one of those weeks 😅



Our onion harvest is finally complete!!

Our onions have finally cured and we now have six varieties of storage onions. Head to the online farm store to see all of the different varieties!


Potato Collab

This week we collaborated with Emerald Grove out of Winlaw. Emerald Grove is a new small-scale farm run by an up-and-coming farmer by the name of Ryan Morin. He’s worked at Linden Lane Farm the past two seasons. This year he managed to plant a ton of winter crops on his own farm in his “spare time”. The life of a new farmer who is trying to start their own farm while also working full time on another farm is an arduous journey, but a pretty typical one. We had a similar journey when we starting farming in Kelowna two years ago.

Ryan grew some beautiful potatoes this year and we were more than happy to buy some and share them with you all. Next year he plans on farming full-time so lets send him some positive vibes!


Savoy Cabbage

Description: Savoy Cabbage has crinkled, emerald green leaves that are crunchy and tender.

Details: Sold per cabbage. Each cabbage weights about 1.75 lbs

Grown by Crooked Horn farm, Winlaw.



Paper Lantern Habanero Peppers

Description: Paper Lantern Habanero Peppers are a type of habanero better suited for northern climates. It has a similar flavour to a traditional habanero but with a bit more kick! These will surely warm you up during these cooler fall days.

Details: Sold per pepper.


Pickled Pearl Onions

Description: For these Pickled Pearl Onions we harvested the smallest onions that we grew. We then added them to a complex brine of rice vinegar, fresh dill springs from the farm, mustard seeds, coriander and black peppercorn seeds.

These pickled pearl onions make a wonderful addition to a charcuterie board or a special holiday feast.

Details: Sold in a 500 ml jar.

Ingredients: Onions (from Confluence Farms), organic rice vinegar, fresh dill sprigs (from Confluence Farms), organic yellow mustards seeds, organic brown mustard seeds, organic coriander, organic black peppercorns.