Behind Every Great Chef Is A Great Farmer

Nathan Wild

Have you ever watched the Emmy award winning series Chef’s Table on Netflix? If you haven't, you should. If you watch every episode like we have you’ll start to notice a theme. Almost every master chef they interview is obsessed with finding the freshest locally-produced ingredients.

There is inevitably a scene where the chef goes to the local market or the farm where they source their ingredients. They ask for the farmer’s opinion on what’s fresh, in season and new and different. They then design their menu based on what the farmer shows them.

All good chefs have mastered their techniques but the best ones in the world know that cooking isn't all about technique. To make a truly remarkable meal you need truly remarkable ingredients. And to get those ingredients you have to find the great local farmers who grow them. Those ingredients are what make their food stand out. It’s what makes their dishes world-class.

It appears that without great farmers there would be no great chefs. Right now the chef is getting all of the accolades - and rightly so. Cooking in a restaurant is hard work and for a long time their behind-the-scenes work went unnoticed. But someday I hope to see the craft of farming front and center as well.

Master chefs are proving that you don't need to buy expensive foreign ingredients to make a great meal. All you need are the freshest locally-grown ingredients produced by passionate farmers.