We're All Cannibals

Nathan Wild
If you've ever created a compost pile you'll come to this realization as well. A compost pile is nothing but a pile of dead things decaying. Plant matter, egg shells, manure, bones and blood. And once it's decayed enough that compost will be used to feed plants. And those plants will feed animals, and those animals will feed other animals. And when all the plants and animals have died they end up right back where they started - the compost pile.

Think about every plant and animal that has ever existed on this planet. Where did they all go? They haven't gone anywhere. Their bodies were absorbed by earth and turned back into more plants and more animals. Even the synthetic fertilizers that are used in industrial agriculture are made from fossil fuels which are just liquified dead dinosaurs - well, not exactly, but you get my point.

If you think about it there is no such thing as a vegan, vegetarian, omnivores or carnivore. We’re all eating our ancestors in one form or another. Don't be deceived by appearance. We're all cannibals.