April 21, 2022

Emily Woody


Happy🌎Day Ya’ll!

Earth Day is a day when we all should be thinking about how our choices impact our planet.

We believe one easy action we can all take to ensure our impact on the Earth is a positive one, is to eat locally-grown food as much as you can.

Because the supply chain in small-scale, local, agriculture is so short (from our farm to your door) compared to the food shipped in from California, Mexico and beyond, you greatly reduce the carbon footprint attached to the food you eat. We don’t use gas-guzzling heavy machinery to work our fields and degrade our soils. And with the sustainable farming techniques that we practice on our farm, we can actually sequester carbon out of the atmosphere and back into the soil, slowing down global warming in the process.

The world is in rough shape right now, but instead of getting discouraged about the things you can’t control, try focusing on how you can make your community more sustainable. Our global environmental problems aren’t going to change all at once. It’s going to be a slow transition, one community at a time. So as a community, let’s be the change we wish to see in the world!


These next 4 weeks are going to be tough 😕

We have pretty much run out of veggies. We only have potatoes, onions and veggie boxes left. We have an amazing line up of Asian greens, spinach, asparagus and salad mix but it's about a month away from being ready.

We did our best to source veggies from other local farmers but alas, the local food supplies in the Kootenays are near empty this time of year.

Our goal with Confluence Farms is to be an abundant source of locally-grown food year-round. We fell a little short this year but we know it can be done!

We of course have plenty of wonderful baked goods and pantry items left, but for the next little while we won't have much for veggies ☹️



Baby Pac Choy

We have a small amount of Baby Pac Choy this week! We sautéed some up yesterday with some garlic and it was delightful. You start to really appreciate greens when you’ve gone a whole winter without them.