June 13, 2024

Nathan Wild


Our Tomatoes Survived!

The photo on the left is what our tomatoes looked like after getting frosted multiple times. The photo on the right is what they look like now. 

We had four days of frost after what was supposed to be our last frost date. We've never frozen our plants before so we had no idea if our tomato, basil, cucumber and zucchini plants would pull through. Many of the leaves turned browned and died which was a frightening thing to see. Miraculously they all bounced back and look pretty good now! Nothing like a close call to get the season started 😅



Oh Deer

We built a deer fence this year from clear fishing line and T posts. The idea is that the fishing line is difficult to see, so when the deer run into it it scares them and they run away. It seemed to have been working until we noticed some of our sunflowers, lettuce heads and zucchini plants had gotten munched on one morning.

When we found the deer tracks we followed them to the corner of our garden where it seemed like they discoverd they could just manuever their way through the fence. We figured this would happen eventually, so now we have to put up a plastic mesh fence and see if that does the trick. Growing food outside…. am I right? 😒😒😒




Frequent Foodie Loyalty Membership 

We now have a loyalty program!


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Why Should I Join?

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How Do I Join?

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The First Kale Of The Season Is Here!

We now have Dazzling Blue (left) and Baltic Red (right) kale.

Description: Dazzling Blue kale has a deep blue colour with flat purple stems. It's leaves are soft and tender. The flavour is sweet and earthy.

Description: Baltic Red Kale has beautiful green and blue leaves with round purple stems. It's leaves are ruffled and durable making them ideal for sautéing. It's flavour is sweet and earthy.




Description: Arugula has soft tender leaves with a buttery flavour and a mild spiciness. 

Details: Sold in a 7 oz. bag.

Grown by Crooked Horn Farm, Winlaw 




Description: Tender and meaty leaves with a great spinach flavour.

Details: Sold in 7 oz bags.

Grown by Crooked Horn Farm, Winlaw



Pink Salad Turnips 

Description: Pink Salad Turnips are very similar to our Hakurei Salad Turnips. They have a crisp and slightly creamy texture with a sweet flavour. The greens are large and are also edible.

Pink Salad Turnips can be eaten raw or cooked, make a great healthy snack that kids love and are a great addition to salads and veggie platters.

Details: Sold per bunch.



Brioche Hot Dog Buns 

Description: Want to impress your guests at your next BBQ? Bring our Brioche Hot Dog Buns and elevate your dogs to gourmet status! Made with organic locally-grown wheat, theses Brioche Hot Dog Buns are light and fluffy with a sweet yeasty flavour.

Details: includes 6 buns per bag. Comes frozen.

Made by The Kootenay Bakery Cafe, Nelson.




Szechuan-Style Noodles

We've really been enjoying all of the Asian inspired recipes we've been exploring. This Szechuan-Style Noodle dish features Purple Tat Soi and ground pork. It's quick and easy to make and deeply comforting!





The Biggest Threat To Democracy 

The Mexican government was set to ban the use of the controversial herbicide glyphosate on April 1st of this year in an effort to protect public and environmental health and to preserve Mexico's dwindling native corn varieties. The ban has been delayed however. 

Bayer Monsanto, manufacturers of glyphosate, used their immense lobbying power to convince US officials to sue Mexico over the ban. The ban is now in limbo as US and Mexican officials figure out what their next move will be.

When a corporation becomes so powerful that they can use the government to dictate how other countries grown their food and feed their citizens we no longer have a democracy, we have a global corporate dictatorship.


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