May 30, 2024

Nathan Wild


Last Chance To Win A $1,500 Gift Card To Our Farm Store!

We are participating in the Love Castlegar contest campaign.

Contest ends June 7, 2024.



For every purchase made through ur online farm store regardless of amount, you will get an entry into the contest. Simply leave a note in the “Add delivery instructions” section during checkout or send us an email after you’ve placed your order and include:

Your name

Phone number

We will then enter you into the contest 🙂

Secondary contest: If you snap a picture, post a review and put it on social media using our hashtag #LoveCastlegar you will automatically receive an additional entry in to a separate draw for staycation package in the Castlegar and District region!


Eat Local prizes: 

1st prize - $1,500.00 

2nd prize – 2 will be awarded of - $500.00/each

3rd prize - 2 will be awarded of - $250.00/each

All prizes are paid out in winners hoice of gift certificates from participating local retail businesses in Castlegar and RDCK Areas - paid through the shop local grant.


We Had A Visitor!

Emily’s Dad Brian came all the way from Wisconsin to visit us this week. For the first time since we started our farm business we weren't completely haggard when he arrived. Progress! Our farm season is going relatively smoothly so far so it was nice being able to relax, show him the farm and do some touristy things. 

My dad is quite the hobby farmer himself. I'm not sure I'd be doing what I'm doing today without those early experiences of playing with earthworms in the garden, eating freshly-picked strawberries, or dressing up our pet chickens in dolls clothes. Thanks for all of the help and support Dad!



Sauteed Hon Tsai Tai 

Hon Tsai Tai is an unusual-looking veggie with a familiar taste. It sprouts tender young shoots, edible leaves and beautiful little yellow flowers, similar to Italian Rapini Sprouting Broccoli. These shoots are pencil-thin, juicy and crisp. But when sauteed the flavour is mild and similar to broccoli. 

We have a lot of Hon Tsai Tai available right now and would hate to see it go to waste. It's a spring crop so it won't be around for much longer. Be sure to try some out!




Tokyo Bekana Slaw

We've discovered that shredded Tokyo Bekana makes a fantastic base for slaw! We then added radish, turnip, green onions and a wonderful miso-peanut dressing.




Chemical Farming & The Loss of Human Health - Dr. Zach Bush

Over the past 50 years 18.9 billion pounds of the herbicide known as glyphosate has been sprayed worldwide according to the Global Glyphosate Study. 

In January of this year Bayer (formerly known as Monsanto), the manufacturer of glyphosate, was ordered to pay $2.25 billion dollars after the Pennsylvania jury concluded that glyphosate, the main ingredient in their weed killer Roundup, caused a man’s cancer after two decades of use.

This is another startling example of externalized costs. Large-scale factory farms who use chemicals to manage their crops are able to claim that their food is cheap. But the true cost is paid decades later with skyrocketing healthcare system costs that we all contribute to through our taxes.


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