April 25, 2024

Nathan Wild


Crops Are Looking Good 👍

This week we planted kale and more successions of Asian greens and lettuce. We've been a bit worried with the cold nights that we've been having but our plants seem to be chugging along nicely!



Meet Your Farmer: Josie from Brown Creek Farm 

If you've been enjoying our new eggs you have Josie from Brown Creek Farm to thank!

Josie is a solo farmer out of Grand Forks. We feel it's important to get to know the hard working people who grow our food so here are 5 things you didn't know about Brown Creek Farm.


1. Who are you and where are you from originally?

My name is Josie and I am originally from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England. I do consider myself British but I don't know much about the country itself.... We moved away from England when I was four years old. I lived and grew up in spain, and then moved to canada when I was twelve. Everyone always asks me "wherei s your accent from?" And it's always the same complicated answer. 


2 How did you end up in the Kootenays?

I was living in vancouver when my parents bought the property in 2018. I was working in the film industry, after getting my degree in theatre design. My partner and I visited when covid happened and when vancouver basically shut down. We immediately fell in love with the kootenay lifestyle. So, we decided to build a tiny house on the property and in less than a year we had moved our whole life to the kootenays. 


3 What inspired you to become a farmer?

Farming is in my blood. My great grandfather was a farmer, my grandad was a cattle farmer and my dad worked on a pig farm when he was in his teen years and early twenties. Once I started to help my parents out on the farm it just came naturally to me. I felt like I had finally found my passion. 


4. What's your favorite part about being a farmer?

I love spending each day building something that I am proud of, being surrounded (chased) by hundreds of chickens, hands covered in dirt, cultivating great tasting healthy food for my family and local community. Also, the sunsets walking home after putting the birds to sleep are pretty spectacular, too. I know that was more than one favourite part about being a farmer but... it's all amazing. 


5. What are your future dreams for your farm?

I have BIG dreams for my farm. I want to stay small scale but I do want to dip my feet inr pretty much everything.



Tulip Bouquets

Description: The best way to start your week is by opening your door in the morning and receiving a bundle of freshly harvested tulips by Aemilia Gardens out of Krestova.

Pick them up and place them on your dining room table. Watch as they brighten up the entire room and bring a smile to your face. The magnificent colours and the luscious petals. You deserve more beauty in your life, so treat yourself to a seasonal Tulip bouquet!

Details: Colours will vary. Sold in a wrapped bouquet of 7 stems. Your bouquet will arrive in a bucket with water. Once you receive it transfer it into your own vase or vessel. At your next order leave the bucket outside and we will pick it up. 

Flower's are a taxable good. Taxes will be added during checkout.


How To Care For Your Flowers

Once you receive your bouquet, cut about one inch off the stems or as much as you need to fit your vase. This will help them rehydrate faster.

Fill your clean vase with about 6 inches of water and place your flowers inside. The extra water keeps them better hydrated.

Place them in an area away from direct sunlight. The heat from the sun will cause them to wilt faster.

Keep them away from fruit bowls. Fruit emits a gas called ethylene as it ages. This gas can cause your flowers to wilt if they are in close proximity.

To maximize the vase life of your flowers add flower food or change out the water daily.



Dirt Cupcakes 

It was my (Nathan’s) birthday last week. Emily asked me what I wanted and I told her Dirt Cupcakes!

These are chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting, a sprinkle of crumbled cupcake and a gummy worm on top. They’re not too sweet with a touch of coffee added to enhance the dark chocolate flavour. They may look funny but these cupcakes are seriously good 🤤




Food Mileage 

In 2005 the region of Waterloo Ontario Public Health conducted a study that tracked the average kilometers travelled of 58 commonly eaten foods from the supermarket. Here's what they found:

4,497 km.

That's nearly the distance from Nelson to New Brunswick.

If you were to buy 10 food items from the supermarket that would equal nearly 50,000 km in food mileage 😳


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