August 13, 2023

Nathan Wild



We had a freak hurricane tsunami hail storm blow through the garden this week.

I can honestly say I've never experienced a storm like that before. The hail was hitting the house at a 90 degree angle. It blew over our neighbors tree, ripped off our tent canopy and pummeled many of our greens and flowers.

Many of our veggies and flowers got uprooted, knocked down or shredded. Between the storm and the deer that are now literally bedding down in our garden, we've decided to start shutting down many of our beds early.

But don't worry! We're going to start collaborating more with other Kootenay farmers to help us fill in any gaps. Collaboration is a big part of our business model and we're excited to bring you some seriously good local food!


We're Going Camping!

We're feeling the need to get away from the farm for a bit so we're going camping for a night. After deliveries on Monday we'll be heading to Halfway hot springs! We're very much looking forward to eating hot dogs and soaking our weathered bodies 🙃



Red Long of Florence

Description: Red Long of Florence Onions are an uncured fresh onion. They're crisp, slightly sweet and have a mild onion flavour with no spicy bite. Try them grilled or eat them raw.

Details: Sold per bunch



Description: Beautiful cauliflower grown by our friends and fellow farmers at Crooked Horn Farm, Winlaw.


Shishito Peppers

Description: Shishito peppers have a flavor similar to a green pepper but with more sweetness. They are not considered to be hot. Most shishito peppers are under 150 Scoville Heat Units – which is only a little bit spicier than a bell pepper.

They are considerably less hot than a banana pepper, which is still considered a relatively mild pepper. Roasting the peppers makes them a bit sweeter so that helps with the spiciness as well.

Shishito peppers can be eaten raw. They're small (only 3-4 inches long) so they're great for snacking. While they're perfectly fine to eat raw, when you cook shishito peppers they become the culinary stars of the show. Their thin skins make them ideal for roasting for blistering.

Details: Sold per pint



Purple Sauerkraut

Description: This Purple Sauerkraut was made by the amazing folks at Valley Kitchen out of Winlaw. It's made from purple cabbage, garlic and onions, all grown locally by Ravine Creek Farm in Winlaw!

Details: Sold in 500 ml jars.

Ingredients: purple cabbage, carrot, onion, garlic (all grown by Ravine Creek Farm, Winlaw), salt


Asian Eggplant

Description: This Asian Eggplant is an aesthetically pleasing vegetable with a beautiful, glossy deep purple skin. Its taste is slightly sweeter than its North American counterpart, with a delicate texture that will absorb the flavours it's cooked with. It's a great addition to any meal!

Details: Sold per pound




Description: Imagining making a beautiful loaf of sourdough bread, epic homemade pizza crust and pull-apart buttery dinner rolls. You can enjoy it all with our freshly milled, stoneground Khorasan flour.

Khorasan is an ancient and unique grain which has been revived in recent years by dedicated grain farmers. It is an unusually large grain. When milled it has a unique yellow colour and a sweet, nutty and buttery flavour. This is the flour we use for our very popular Country Blonde loaf.

Details: A 1 lb bag of flour is enough to make 1 loaf of bread.


 Money-Back Guarantee

As farmers it's hard to know what a vegetable will taste like just by looking at it. Sometimes vegetables look great but are woody, dry or rotten inside. We don't feel like you should have to pay for something that isn't delicious or edible.

Moving forward we will be adopting a money-back guarantee policy. If you are unhappy with any of our of vegetables or products please let us know and we'll be happy to send you a full refund 🙂


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