December 15, 2022

Emily Woody


Holiday Cookie Boxes Are Finally Here!

We decided to make 130 Holiday Cookie boxes this year. That's a total of almost 4000 cookies. We spent three laborious days in a row at the kitchen this week to get it all done. We almost had to pull an all-nighter, but luckily the owner of the kitchen happened to stop by in the evening. He told us that a previously booked day had opened up if we wanted to go home and come back the next day. It was truly a Christmas miracle because we were completely out of gas and we will still had many hours of baking ahead of us!

Why do we always take on too much? A heaping portion of ambition with a dash of ignorance I suppose. Thankfully it always works out - barely 😅

We’ll be offering three delivery days next week. Cookie boxes will be available for delivery on Sunday Dec 18, Wednesday Dec 21, and Saturday Dec 24.


Spicer Farms

In preparation for the holidays we took a trip out to Spicer Farm in Nakusp to load up on veggies. Spicer Farm is a multigenerational organic farm that is currently being run by Janet Spicer. Janet has been growing food for the Kootenays for decades and is somewhat of a legend. She sells thousands of pounds per week to Kootenay grocery stores, including the Kootenay Coop.

In her seventies, she’s working harder than ever. She told us she gets up at 5 am and doesn’t stop working until around midnight. Last year her back gave out on her and now she’s unable to stand up straight. Somehow she still manages to do all of her work hunched over. Because of her debilitating back she wouldn’t let us take a photo with her, so we took a photo of her historic barn instead.

Janet is areal-life hermit, there are hardly any photos of her and she rarely leaves her farm, so most people will never know who she is. Her farm has grown so much good food for our community throughout the years and has been a vital part of our food security. I’m not sure how many more growing seasons she has left in her but we wanted to share a little bit of her story so we can all appreciate her hard work and dedication. Most of the veggies we have now were grown by her farm, so be sure to send her some gratitude during your next meal!



Holiday Cookie Box 🎅

Cookie boxes will be available for delivery on Sunday Dec 18, Wednesday Dec 21, and Saturday Dec 24.

Description: It's the holidays and you're looking to impress your friends and family with a special treat. You're far too busy to bake something yourself and grocery store baked goods are often too sweet and lack flavour and depth. Why not try our Holiday Cookie Box?

We make all of our cookies using our freshly milled, stoneground flours that we source locally from an organic grain farm, located in Armstrong, called Fieldstone Organics. We mill the flour right before we use it and leave it unsifted, making it 100% whole wheat. This ensures maximum freshness, flavour and nutrition.

Each Holiday Cookie Box contains 5 varieties of cookies and 6 of each kind. They include:

Santa's Favorite Cookie - Have you ever wondered how Santa got so plump? It was because of these cookies. A soft and chewy sugar cookie with swirls of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry made with real freeze-dried strawberry powder, visions of sugar cookies will be dancing in your head, all throughout the night.

Eggnog Snickerdoodle - Eggnog Snickerdoodle: A soft and tender Snickerdoodle cookie with a rich, creamy flavour and a touch of nutmeg make these cookies taste like a Christmas eve eggnog.

Thumbprint - Our Thumbprint cookies are filled with our house-made strawberry, strawberry-raspberry, or goldenberry jam that we made with fruit from our farm. If you close your eyes and take a bite, the burst of farm fresh summer fruit will transport you back to a warm, sunny day.

Soft & Chewy Gingerbread Cookie - These Gingerbread cookies are made with our freshly milled Soft White whole wheat flour. These are not your typical hard and dry Gingerbread cookies. Every bite is soft and chewy with a combination of organic molasses, cloves, ginger and cinnamon.

Butter Tart Bars - Our Butter Tart bars have a rich, buttery filling with a sweet caramel and vanilla flavour that sits atop a tender shortbread cookie. Made with our freshly milled Soft White whole wheat, local eggs and a sprinkle of coarse Vancouver Island sea salt on top, we've taken this Canadian classic to a whole new level.


Fingerling Potato Medley

Description: Fingerling potatoes have a creamy, almost sweet flavor that makes them a nice alternative to ordinary white, yellow, or red potatoes. Their unusual elongated shape, which slightly resembles fingers, will give your plate a different look.

This variety is considered waxy potatoes (like red potatoes, white potatoes, and Yukon golds), which refers to the fact that they are relatively low in starch, making them great for roasting and boiling.

This medley is a combination of Magic Moly (Deep purple skin with purple flesh), Russian Banana (yellow skin with yellow flesh), and AmaRosa (purple skin with purple flesh).

Details: Sold per pound.

Grown by Spicer Farms, Nakusp.


Russet Potato

Description: Russet potatoes are ideal for french fries and mash potatoes.

Sold per pound.

Grown by Spicer Farm, Nakusp.


Delicata Squash

Description: Because of its edible skin and uniform shape, the delicata squash requires little preparation. One of the most common ways to cook delicata squash is to cut the squash in half crossways, scoop out the seeds from each cavity, and then slice into rings. The squash is placed on a baking sheet, drizzled with oil and sprinkled with salt, and roasted or baked.

Delicata tastes similar to a Butternut, with a sweet, buttery flavour, but can also be compared to sweet potato, with its rich taste and moist texture.

Sold per pound.

Grown by Spicer Farm, Nakusp.


Fieldstone Soup Mix

Description: Fieldstone is an organic grain farm and processing facility located in Armstrong. They work with many organic farms all across Western Canada to process and resell their grain, legumes and peas. This is their own unique blend of nutritious and colorful lentils and peas. Ideal for adding eye appeal, flavor and texture to soups, salads and casseroles.

Sold per pound.

Whole Green Lentils, Whole Black Beluga Lentils, Split Yellow Peas.


Locally-Made Soap Bars

Description: These hand-crafted soaps are made by Mountain Valley Farm in Winlaw. They have created an amazing collection that simultaneously cleanse and nourish the skin with the herbs and vegetables that they grew on their farm. They also use local tallow, lard, honey, milk, and ingredients that are wild-harvested and ethically/organically sourced.

Available in:

  • Aloe Vera & Cucumber
  • Lavender
  • Wild Rosehips & Honey
  • Evergreen
  • Carrot & Calendula
  • Pumpkin Pie


Confluence Farms Holiday Cards

Description: Our Confluence Farms Cards feature actual photos of veggies and flowers that we grew on our farm. Use them as holiday cards, thank you cards, birthday cards or post cards!




The Economics Of Happiness

This is a powerful documentary we came across called Economics of Happiness. It brilliantly describes why our globalized food system and economies are at the root of so many of the environmental, political and economic challenges we’re face right now.

We can all sense that things are getting worse. And when we look at the convergence of crises that we’re heading towards, we often wonder what can we do to stop it? Our journey into community-based farming has shown us that we can all contribute in a meaningful way by building a localized food system and supporting local business as much as possible.

Covid-19, the war in Ukraine and the devastating flood in Abbotsford last year have taught us that life-altering events can happen in a moment. And without a local food system to turn to in times of emergency, we are all vulnerable.

How can we begin the process of localizing? If you’re reading this newsletter you already have. Buying from local farms and localizing your diet is the easiest way to make a big impact. The less we spend on imported food from California, Mexico and beyond, the faster we can transform our community into a happier, healthier and wealthier place for all of us.