December 8, 2022

Emily Woody



Problem Solved! 😎

As many of you know, our van Moby had a rough week in the snow. We called a few local mechanics to get their advice about our lack of traction in the snow. They all suggested getting studded winter tires and one of them gave us a hot tip about the antilock brake system. He told us that if we turned it off while driving up a hill we would get better traction. That advice alone made a HUGE difference. We were able to do our deliveries on Sunday without any issues. What a relief!

We now have fancy new studded tires and our confidence while driving has improved significantly. Moby is now ready to tackle her first Kootenay winter!


 Holiday Cookie Boxes Are Coming Soon!

Our highly popular Holiday Cookie Box will be available next week! This year our cookie box will feature Butter Tart Bars, Thumbprint Cookies with goldenberry and strawberry raspberry jam made with fruit from the farm, Eggnog Snickerdoodles, Soft & Chewy Gingerbread People and Santa’s Favorite Cookie. We’ll also be making Bake-At-Home Stuffing, Bake-At-Home Cinnamon Buns for Christmas morning and of course, plenty of Sourdough Waffles 😋




Description: Chickpeas are an extremely versatile legume that can incorporated into a plethora of dishes. From hummus to soups, salads and crispy snacks, Chickpeas can be a fun and creative addition to your winter diet.

Recipe: 31 Chickpea recipes from Bon Appetite

Details: Sold per pound.

Grown in Alberta and BC. Sourced from Fieldstone Organics, Armstrong.


French Green Lentils

Description: French Green Lentils are unique compared to the standard green, brown or red variety you’ll find in the store. They're much smaller than other lentils. French lentils also hold their shape better than all other lentils. This makes them ideal in salads, side dishes, and soups where you want them to hold together. Other lentil types, especially red lentils, can turn into a mush when cooked. The flavour is more intense with notes ranging from nutty to peppery and earthy.

We sourced these from Fieldstone Organics, an organic grain farm and aggregator in Armstrong. We were told that these were their most popular lentils, so we knew we had to try them!

Recipe: Basic French Lentils

Details: Sold per pound.

Grown in BC. Sourced from Fieldstone Organics, Armstrong.


Whole Grain Oats

Description: These whole grain oats are minimally processed. Because they have not been cracked or flaked, all of the delicate oils still reman intact inside the kernel. These oils contain the majority of the nutrition as well as the flavour of the oat. Although whole grain oats take longer to cook, the exceptional flavor and nutrients that you'll get from them is well worth the await.

Recipe: How to cook oat groats with stove top, Instant Pot or slow cooker

Details: Sold per pound.

Grown in Alberta and BC. Sourced from Fieldstone Organics, Armstrong.


Ancient Grain Hot Cereal Blend

Description: This signature hot cereal blend from Fieldstone Organics features the Western Canadian grown ancient grains Oats, Buckwheat, Flax, Barley, Spelt and Emmer. It's high in protein and fiber which makes it an energy-rich breakfast, boasting a creamy and nutty flavour.

How To Prepare:

To reap the greatest nutritious benefits, soak grains overnight or 10-12 hours in the refrigerator. This will activate the seed enzymes, making the grain more digestible and nutritious. Remember to rinse well before soaking.

To cook, soak grains as described above. Then, add them to a sauce pan, cover with water and bring to a boil. Simmer for 10 minutes or to desired consistency. The soaked grains may also be cooked on med-high for 4 -5 minutes in the microwave.

Note that when flax is soaked it secretes a gelatinous substance due to its high Omega-3 fatty acid content. If you do not care for the resulting texture then rinse the grains again before consuming.

Details: Sold per pound

Grown in Alberta, Saskatewan and BC. Sourced from Fieldstone Organics, Armstrong.


Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Description: You want a healthy snack option for you and your family. Something that is sweet but not loaded with sugar, wholesome, and quick and easy to make. Why not try our Cinnamon Raisin Bread?

Cut yourself a nice thick slice, pop it in the toaster and wait for the delightful smell of cinnamon to fill the room. Once it pops, spread some soft golden butter along with your favorite fruit jam and take a bite. The bread is tender and soft with a nice toasted crunch. The flavour is slightly sweet with notes of cinnamon and the occasional burst of a sweet Thompson raisin. It feels satisfying to eat and nourishing in your belly.

About Our Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Our Cinnamon Raisin Bread is made with a combination of our freshly-milled organic Hard Red Spring whole wheat (locally-sourced from Fieldstone Organics in Armstrong) and Anita's organic whole wheat flour (sourced from Chilliwack). Our freshly milled flour is full of flavour, while Anita's flour, which is much finer, adds a lighter, airier texture. We then added brown sugar to brighten the flavour of the cassia cinnamon. Lastly, we included a handful of sweet and juicy Thompson raisins for added depth.


Strawberry Raspberry Jam

Description: For this jam we picked fresh strawberries from our strawberry patch and plump raspberries from our raspberry bushes and then immediately froze them. We then cooked them down in a big pot, mashing them to released their sweet juices. The strawberries have wonderful floral notes, while the tart raspberries add acidity that really make the flavors pop. These two berries make for a exceptional pairing and I'm not sure why you don't see them together more often.

Details: Sold in a 500 ml jar.