Feb 17th, 2022

Emily Woody


And we're back! Barely.

We had a bit of an issue at the Canada land border.

When coming back into Canada you are required to present a negative COVID test taken within the past 72 hours of your crossing. The pharmacy we went to in Hawaii never sent us our test results in the time they said they would.

Because of this we were almost sent back to America at the land order and were threatened with a $5000 fine for each of us. Luckily, because it wasn't our fault, they let us back in 😅

The only catch was that were are supposed to quarantine until we get another negative COVID test. We are please to share that that test came back and it was negative.

The good news is that we've just restocked our online farm store with all the veggies and there's lots to choose from for this weekend! 🥕🥔🌰


How We Farm

A few community members have asked us how we farm. It’s taken some time to finally sit down and write it all out but we now have a page that describes in detail all of the practices that we use.

We feel like it’s important for all of us to ask questions about how our food was grown. If we really knew how all the food we buy in the grocery store was grown, and how the people who farmed those fields were treated, we might think twice about what we spend our money on.

If you don’t know who’s gowning your food and where it’s been grown, you really don’t know anything about what you’re supporting - good or bad.

Click here to see How We Farm



Spicer Farm Carrots (Freshly Dug)

If you've ever heard of Spicer Farm in Nakusp, you've probably heard about Janet Spicer's legendary carrots. What makes them so good?

Apparently she leaves her carrots in the ground all winter long and only harvests to order. This not only keeps them as fresh as possible, the cold weather also helps to concentrate the sugars in the carrots, making them sweeter.

They are slightly more expensive at $5 per pound, however these are fresh, premium carrots.


Lion's Mane Mushroom

These gorgeous gourmet Lion's Mane mushrooms are grown locally in Slocan Park by an up and coming farm called Asarum Regenerative Farm. Lion's Mane mushrooms are both a medicinal and culinary fungi.

When cooked, these delicate mushooms have a chewy, tender and meaty texture similar to seafood such as crab or lobster. They have a mild mushroom flavour and are excellent at absorbing the flavours of whatever spices or sauces that you cook them with.

Details: Sold per 1/4 lb


Oyster Mushrooms

Also grown locally by Asarum Regenerative Farm, these Oyster mushrooms are velvety soft with a wonderful meaty texture and a mild, seafood-like earthy flavour. They are excellent at absorbing the flavours of whatever spices or sauces that you cook them with.

Details: Sold per 1/4 lb