February 2, 2023

Emily Woody


We’re Back!

We’ve returned from our trips and we will resume our regular Sunday delivery schedule this Sunday February 8th! Emily had a wonderful time with her mom in North Carolina and her two sisters in Hawaii. I had a profound experience during my 10 day silent Vipassana meditation retreat in Merritt. We’re excited to be back and we can’t wait to get back to work on planning this year’s growing season 🙂



Sunflower Shoot Microgreen Mix

Description: Grown by the hard working folks at Mountain Valley Farm in Winlaw, microgreens are a great way to add fresh and nutritious greens to your winter diet.

Sunflower Shoot Microgreens Mix includes:

Sunflower Shoots

Details: Sold in a 3 oz plastic clam shell.



The True Cost Of Our Obsession With Superfoods Like Açaí, Durian, And Avocado

In our globalized food system farmers are often the ones who make the smallest amount of money even though they have the most difficult and often most dangerous jobs. As their produce moves up the supply chain it’s the food manufactures and wholesalers who make the bulk of the profits. Then, when combined with inflated health claims with expensive marketing budgets, they create a surge of demand that is unsustainable for the farmers. Big corporations, and in the case of avocado, dangerous drug cartels, then swoop in to try and push out the small farmers so that they can capture even more of the profits.

This episode from Business Insider does a great job at showing how the whole process works.