Jan 13, 2022

Emily Woody


Our CSA is sold out! Want to join our waiting list?

Our CSA this year is set up as a "rolling CSA.” Similar to a reloadable gift card, when a CSA member’s Farm Store Credits run out they’ll have the option to renew it or give it up.

If they decide to give it up that member’s CSA will be offered to the next person on our waiting list. The main benefit for our CSA members is that they’ll receive 10% off of their membership.

If you’re interested in joining our waiting list send us an email or message🙂


Notice anything wrong with this photo? 🤔

I was browsing the produce section of a health food store in Nelson and came across these organic blueberries. At first glance most customers would think, "oh yum, organic blueberries!"

However, being a farmer, I'm always curious to see where grocery store food comes from. You'll usually see California or Mexico but this was a new one.

Upon closer inspection you'll see that these organic blueberries have come all the way from Peru!

I looked it up and the distance these blueberries traveled to get to Nelson was 8705.81 km

Do you think anyone would buy a handful of blueberries with a nearly 9000 km price tag?

These blueberries may cost $6.99 but how much did it cost the environment? How much were the hard working farm labourers paid to harvest these blueberries? Were they paid a living wage? Were they treated with respect and dignity? Do we even need fresh Peruvian blueberries in the middle of winter? Could we not just eat frozen BC blueberries instead?

These are the questions we need to start asking ourselves while shopping at the grocery store. These organic blueberries are relatively cheap, but that's because we're not paying the full price.

Perhaps we need to start including the kilometers travelled on our food, or better yet, a carbon tax that would make food cost more based on how far it’s travelled. Just some food for thought.



Classic Pie Shell
Impress your guests with an incredible homemade pie! Just add your pie filing of choice, pop it in the oven and let our home fill with the intoxicating smell of freshly baked pie.

About of Classic Pie Shells

For our Classic Pie Shells we chose our freshly milled organic Soft White flour for its buttery flavour. We mill the flour right before we use it and leave it unsifted, making it 100% whole wheat. This ensures maximum flavour and freshness. We then incorporated butter and sugar and rolled it out into a beautiful pie shell. It has a buttery and slightly nutty flavour with a light and flakey texture.


Each pie shell is 9 inches and comes frozen.

Ingredients: Freshly milled organic Soft White flour (grown by Fieldstone Organics, Armstrong, milled by Confluence Farms), butter, sugar, pink Himalayan salt.


Tetsukabuto Squash
Tetsukabuto squash are an innovative kabocha/butternut cross. They’re a meaty squash with a sweet and nutty flavour and an excellent creamy texture.

Grown by our friends and fellow farmers at Salix & Sedge Farm, Salmo


We need your opinion! 🍄 🍄 🍄

We have found a local mushroom grower right here in the Slocan Valley. We are planning a partnership so that we can carry her mushrooms in our online farm store.

Our questions to you is, what varieties would you buy? She could grow Oyster, Shitake, Chestnut and Lions Mane if there was interest.

Should we carry all of these? Is there one you definitely would not buy? Something missing from the list?

Let us know your opinion in the comment section below!