January 12, 2023

Emily Woody



We’re leaving for 2 weeks so load up while you can!

We’ll be taking a much needed break starting next week. This means that this Sunday will be your last chance to get an order until we get back on Sunday Feb 5th.

We want to encourage everyone to load up on storage veggies before we leave. If you’ve already made an order and you would like to add to it, simply place another order and select ‘add on’ or ‘free pickup’ at checkout to avoid another delivery fee.

Emily will be visiting family in the US and I will be attending a 10 day silent meditation retreat in Merritt called Vipassana. When we get back we hope to be fully rejuvenated and ready to take on another season of growing food for the community!


There are only 5 CSA spots left!

Our CSA has filled up fast and we only have 5 more spots available. When you sign up you’ll get 10% off of your purchase with the opportunity to renew for an addition 10% once your CSA Farm Credits run out. Click the button below to join now 🙂



Bake-At-Home Parmesan & Chive Buttermilk Biscuits

Description: You're having guests over and you're looking to create a meal that they won't soon forget. You want to serve flaky homemade biscuits but you don't have the time or energy to make them.

Why not try our Bake-At-Home Parmesan & Chive Buttermilk Biscuits? Just slide our frozen biscuits in the oven and let the delightful aroma of herbs and cheese fill your home. In just 25 minutes you'll have warm golden brown biscuits. Cut one open and let the steam flutter in the air. The texture is light and flaky .The flavour is savoury and herby with a sharp notes of parmesan with little pockets of soft mozzarella. Make sure to get an extra bag because these biscuits are just as good for breakfast as they are for dinner!

About Our Parmesan & Chive Buttermilk Biscuits

For our Buttermilk Biscuits we started by milling locally-grown Soft White grain into a light and fluffy whole wheat flour. Soft White flour is low in gluten and has a slightly sweet and buttery flavour - perfect for biscuits. We then incorporated butter, buttermilk, organic BC cream, chives, parmesan and mozzarella. Each biscuit is then hand-shaped and layered to create that classic flaky texture.


Each package contains 6 frozen biscuits