July 24, 2023

Nathan Wild


Better Luck Next Year

We decided to cancel our trip to Shambhala last minute. We realized we needed rest more than we need fun. This is the typical trade off in farming. By the time you hit August, which is peak production on the farm, you’re so exhausted from the spring rush that you have no extra energy to spare.

Every day feels like you’re carrying around a 50 pound backpack. Your excitement about all of the wonderful veggies and flowers that you’ve grown turns into resentment. We were really hoping this year would be different than the last two. And in many ways it has been. This has been our best season yet, but it still wasn’t enough to fend off the burn out.

We know that there is a way to farm without getting burnt out. If you have the right tools, equipment and infrastructure farming could be relatively smooth. However, when you’re just starting out you can’t afford those things. You have to use manual labour instead. We know we’ll get there though. There is a saying we use often in farming: "better luck next year."



AmaRosa New Potato

Description: AmaRosa New Potatoes are a bright purple, thin skinned fingerling potato. They have a nice meaty texture and an excellent flavour. These potatoes are great because they hold their colour during cooking and will add a beautiful purple colour to your plate.

New Potatoes are young potatoes that have been freshly dug by hand and have not been cured. Because the sugars haven't converted into starch yet, new potatoes have a much sweeter flavour and airier texture.

Details: Sold per pound.


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We’ve been trying to think of different ways to reach more community members and to let them know what we’re up to here at Confluence Farms. We know that many of you have been telling your friends and family about us and we much appreciate it. Word of mouth is the best way to spread a message.

If you like what were doing and would like to help our farm business grow, leaving a Google review can go a long way. All you have to do is click the link below and leave a short (or long) review. Thank you all so much for the support. It’s what keeps us going through the rough patches ❤️

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