June 23, 2022

Emily Woody



We both forgot our wedding anniversary this year 🙃

We've been so busy farming we didn't realize that 5 years ago last week we tied the knot inside a bedraggled courthouse in Olympia Washington.

Fun story: The first time Nathan had met my Mom and sisters was days before our wedding. And he had only met my dad one other time before then. We had been dating long distance for 3 years and we found out that the only way for me to move to Canada was if we got married first.

So naturally we decided to slip in a marriage during my college grad weekend for efficiencies sake 🤣


My dad came for a visit!

My dad Brian came all the way from Wisconsin to see the farm for the very first time. Unfortunately it was not the idyllic time we were hoping for 😅

Our work load has been wearing us down and the week before he arrived was particularly grueling. We had to prepare for father’s day pie orders, prep and clean our house for his arrival and do our chicken slaughter, all on top of our usual farm work.

When he arrived he was greeted by two haggard ragamuffins. The very next day we both got sick (not Covid luckily). I was sick for only a day but Nathan was bedridden for four 🤢

Luckily dad was more than willing to help out around the farm and to pick up the slack. We weren't able to have the relaxing time we envisioned, but we still had fun, and most importantly, ate lots of really good local food.

My dad is quite the hobby farmer himself. I'm not sure I'd be doing what I'm doing today without those early experiences of playing with earthworms in the garden, eating strawberries until I puked and dressing up our pet chickens. Thanks for all of the help and support dad!



Rapini Italian Sprouting Broccoli

Veggie Fun Fact: Although Rapini is sold as a variety of broccoli it's actually more closely related to a turnip.

Description: Rapini is a delicious Italian spring green that is very popular in Italian cuisine. It has soft leaves, tender stems and a unique savoury flavour with peppery mustard notes. To cook it try steaming or sautéing it.



Description: Frisée is a member of the chicory family. It has stiff leaves with a mild bitter flavour. They can be used like lettuce for salads and sandwiches. However, their sturdier leaves also make them great for stir fry or grilling.





Description: Add a beautiful splash of green and a fresh herby flavour to any dish with our fresh cilantro



Genovese Basil

Description: With its unforgettable fragrance, our fresh Genovese Basil will add a sweet herby flavour to any dish.


Oyster Mushrooms are back! 🍄

We had a bit of a gap in our mushroom supply because our previous mushroom grower had a baby. Luckily, there is another mushroom growing duo located in Nelson who go by Meteor Mushrooms.

We’re very excited to have partnered with them and we should now have a stead supply of locally grown gourmet mushrooms. This week we got oysters but next week we’ll also have Shiitake back in stock!



Who really grows your food? Hint: It's not farmers 🤔

The truth is, farmers have no idea how to grow food. We know how to plant seeds, we know how to water, we know how to amend the soil. But we haven't the slightest idea how to actually grow food. Only the plants and soil know how to do that. We simply provide a space for them to do it.

So next time you receive your box of beautiful veggies, don't just thank the farmers, thank the plants and soil too. For they are the true providers 🌱