June 4, 2023

Nathan Wild


This Field Has Been A Real Pain In The Grass

But we've nearly conquered it! This pile represents a half acre's worth of grass and weeds. We've been building it for about 5 weeks now. We're almost caught up with the weeds and we couldn't be happier with how the farm is looking! Nothing like some good old-fashioned manual labor to get the season started 💪


Our first crop failure of the year 👎

This was a bed of Stock flowers. They were supposed to be our first cut flower bouquets of the season. The seedlings we grew didn't get enough light at first. And then they got too cold when we put them outside. And then the weeds competed with them for light, water, airflow and nutrients.


They're unsellable but we've been harvesting what has come up for ourselves. They're really beautiful and their smell is incredible- like sweet cloves. We wish we could have shared these with you all! Oh well. Better luck next year 😑



Our kale has finally arrived!

We grew three different varieties of kale this year and it’s the best looking kale crop we’ve ever grown. The best way I can describe it is LUSCIOUS

This is Dazzling Blue kale. It has a deep blue colour with flat purple stems. It's leaves are soft and tender. The flavour is sweet and earthy.

Details: Sold per bunch


Madeley Kale

Veggie Fun Fact: One cup of chopped raw kale provides more than 100% of the recommended daily amount of vitamins A and K.

Description: Madeley Kale is a heirloom green kale variety originating from England. They have large flat green leaves with thick, crisp and juicy stems that make and audile "snap" sound when you break them. The leaves are tender and soft. The flavour is sweet and earthy flavour.

Details: Sold per bunch.


Description: Baltic Red Kale has beautiful green and blue leaves with round purple stems. It's leaves are ruffled and durable making them ideal for sautéing. It's flavour is sweet and earthy.

Details: Sold per bunch.


Rainbow Beets

Description: Elevate your dish with these eye catching rainbow beets! They feature the red, gold and candy cane variety.

Details: Sold per bunch

Grown by Crooked Horn Farm, Winlaw.



Description: Kohlrabi is in the broccoli family. The bulb can be thinly sliced and eaten raw as a snack or used for dipping. It can also be sautéed. The texture is crisp and juicy similar to a Hakurei salad turnip. It tastes semi-sweet and is similar in flavour to a broccoli stem. The leaves are also edible and taste like kale.

Details: Sold in a bunch of three.


Macro Kale

Description: Macro kale is baby kale that has outgrown its baby size. Macro kale is still very tender but a bit too big for salads. However, it's the perfect size for sautéing or adding to smoothies.

Details: Sold in 7 oz. bag.


Quick Pickled Hakurei Turnips

Description: For these quick-pickled Hakurei turnips we started with fresh Hakurei turnips from Linden Lane Farms out of Krestova. We then made a simple brine of vinegar, salt and sugar bay leaf.

We made two different kinds. The peppercorn flavour has a sweet and more neutral flavour. The mustard flavour accentuates the natural mustard notes of the Hakurei turnip. The result is a bright, slightly sweet pickled turnip with an excellent crunch.

Details: Sold in a 250 ml jar. 


Braising Greens Mix

Description: Make a quick and easy side dish in minutes with our fresh braising greens. Braising greens are hardy yet tender greens that only need a light sauté to cook. Our braising greens mix include Mizuna, Tokyo Bekana red and green mustard and three varieties of kale.

Details: Sold in 7 oz. bags



Description: Frisée is a member of the chicory family and has a mild bitter flavour. They can be used like lettuce for salads and sandwiches. However, their sturdier leaves also make them great for stir fry or grilling.



Veggie Fun Fact: Shiso is traditionally used to separate the items in a tray or platter, to keep the flavors of different items from blending together. Shiso leaves are also credited with antibacterial properties, ascribed to compounds called phytoncides, which are believed to help prevent the spoilage of food that is wrapped in the leaves. Indeed, for centuries the Japanese have used Shiso leaves to help slow the spoilage of raw fish and seafood.

Description: Shiso leaves are an aromatic herb from the same botanical family as mint that traditionally accompanies sushi and sashimi. Our Shiso has a mild citrus flavour and can we eaten fresh, cooked or used as a garnish

Uses: Shiso leaves are often included as an ingredient in sushi. The herb pairs well with fatty fish like salmon, yellowtail, and tuna, and can be enjoyed by wrapping a whole leaf around a piece of sashimi and dipping it in soy sauce. Shiso also complements vegetables and fruits. Julienned Shiso leaves are often mixed with salads.



Acting Out

Our cat Nomi started acting out this winter. Because she was stuck inside due to the snow she would tromp around the house, bored and constantly meowing for food. When she didn't get her way she would jump up on the table and counters trying to eat anything she could find. She would chew on cords, rip apart the toilet paper in the bathroom and scratch the furniture to get our attention. She was becoming a real troublemaker.

But as soon as spring came and she was able to go outside again she chilled out. She now spends her days hunting, rolling around in the dust, chasing butterflies and sun bathing. She is able to fully express her catness. And because of that she no longer acts out. It made me think maybe that's what's wrong with the world right now.

As humans we evolved to be outside in nature. We lived in small tight-knit tribes. And we spent a good part of the day exploring the world, looking for food and novelty.

Today, everyone spends most of their days indoors. We no longer have strong community bonds. Food is brought to us. We spend the majority of the day working. And most of the novelty we experience comes from a screen.

We no longer live in environments that allow us to express our humanness. And as a result, we're all acting out.


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